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Ski Jammers,

We hope today finds you healthy and safe.  It has been awhile since we have all seen each other.  In an effort to maintain privacy and confidentiality, we have not asked for or published any Ski Jammer specific information relative to this current pandemic.  Although we continue to be in touch with each other.  So for you, your family and friends, know that we pray every day for the health and safety of the Ski Jammers and NBS family. We will get thru this!  To our health professionals, essential workers and those working on the front line, thank you for your bravery and continued support.  We love you all!!

If we focus on the positive, there have been miraculous recoveries and so thankful for continued strength to those impacted.  Lets all continue to send up prayers.  For those families who have lost loved ones to this pandemic, we pray for strength and offer our sincere condolences.  

Take care, stay safe and wash your hands often. 

Love, peace and snow...

Our major objective is to promote snow skiing in the Black community with special emphasis on youth development. 

No matter the season, we're always game for some serious fun. From skiing and snowboarding in the Rockies to climbing Egyptian pyramids, we've got an adventure for you.  Join us!

Whether you're a novice or an expert, we're here to help you explore winter sports and reach your snow goals.  .